Northern Voice 2012 with PhotoCamp

The schedule is now live for Northern Voice 2012 so I thought it would be a good time to start reminding folks about it and to buy their tickets as they often sell out.

Big Hair

I’m happy to announce that I’m hosting PhotoCamp for 2012 and I have a bunch of great folks lined up to fill our afternoon slot on Friday, June 15th.

I’m keeping the agenda secret until Northern Voice but there will be lots of talks within a talk (inception?) about photography for all skill levels as well as some open Q&A time for questions about anything gear or technique related.

One thing I’m glad about (and will spill) is that I won’t be presenting during the same timeslot as Morten and Syx like last year – they both have talks we’ll all get to hear at the same time as I’ve asked them to be presenters at PhotoCamp. I am a little bummed that PhotoCamp is during the MooseCamp session though…especially since there hasn’t been a BarCamp for awhile.

Sorry for the overuse of *Camp in this post….feel free to bring your sleeping bag to the session.


  1. mor10 says:

    Seeing as this is a camp, do I have to bring a tent or is one provided?

    • John says:

      Technically this is “glamping” as there are working restrooms and a coffee shop nearby. So at PhotoGlamp, a carpeted section of the floor will be provided instead a tent.

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