Vancouver Mini MakerFaire 2012

We’re just over a month away from Vancouver’s 2nd installment of the Mini MakerFaire (June 23-24). Last year was the first one in Vancouver and it was a blast.

I spent nearly the entire weekend browsing the booths, chatting with people and buying far too much electronics at the Solarbotics table.

Printing an encoder knob

It was also literally the first day after I had finished assembling my MakerBot 3d printer and was stoked to see some other bots in the real world (I bought my kit without actually ever seeing one in person).

This year should be even more fun as the organizers have secured the PNE grounds for this year’s event so it will be even bigger. It’s not just 3d printer stuff either…all kinds of creative arts, crafts, demos, robots, photography, seminars, workshops, etc.

Geek success!

I’m looking forward to being there as a ‘Maker’ this year as our 3d printing club will be setting up a ‘3d printer village’ with somewhere around 15+ 3d printers (all different kinds) scheduled to be onsite during the weekend with more being added to the list all the time. We’re hoping to have them all running and printing stuff for people to take away as a sample of what the technology can do.

Start Making

Can. Not. Wait!

Early bird ticket pricing ends soon so get your tickets now! Fun for all ages!

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