Tech Tuesday: Find your way indoors and an app for couples

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about:

  • Find your way inside a mall or supermarket: GPS works great for getting from a to b in your car but doesn’t work so well indoors. A new technology will help you navigate your way around inside a mall or supermarket. You scan a code upon entering the location and then a compass and pedometer knows your location based on the starting point and can help navigate you to the cereal aisle. The MST-Smartsense Sensor is a proof of concept device being tested right now that could someday become an app on your smartphone. (source)
  • Pair – the app for couples: A new iPhone app will help couples stay in touch without having to overshare stuff on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The app lets you send text messages, doodles, reminders and todo lists for free between you and one other person only. I like that you can also send a map of your current location to your partner. You can even work together on a drawing if you’re both online as well as the ‘ThumbKiss’ feature that lets you see where your partner is touching. Great for people separated by work travel or a long distance relationship. (source)

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