Tech Tuesday: Anontune & GoPayments

This week on Tech Tuesday, I discussed these stories:

  • Anontune – the social music platform from Anonymous: a decentralized music discovery and sharing service that finds music from numerous sources around the internet and easily aggregates their sources in one place. You can import a playlist and Anontune will create a listenable version you can share without having to upload your music as it will find it on the internet and supply links to all the sources seamlessly. As they aren’t hosting the music, Anontune can’t be shut down – at least that’s their premise. Users won’t have to give up personal information to participate either. It’s still just ramping up but has the potential to be a major disruptor in the music space, not unlike Napster was previously (source)
  • Intuit GoPayment system is live in Canada: another option has been released for Canadians that allows you to use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to swipe credit cards with no monthly contract with 2.7-3.3% transaction fees. Android and Blackberry support is coming soon. (source)

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