Tech Tuesday: Electric Deloreans and dream manipulation

Every Tuesday I discuss the latest technology on News 1130 radio in Vancouver.

Here’s what I’m talking about this week:

  • Want to manipulate your dreams? There’s an app for that: A psychologist and professor at the the University of Hertfordshire has created an iPhone app called Dream:ON (iTunes link) that you run before bed and it will monitor your sleep patterns and attempt to influence your dreams using soundscapes. But be warned: 21% of participants have had trouble sleeping using the app and 15% had unpleasant dreams. The professor is aggrigating the data from the dream app and will share it in a few months to see if it was successfull in actually influencing dream states with users. (source)
  • SXSW 2012

  • Delorean set to make an electric comeback in 2013: The Delorean is back from the dead as 2013 will herald the arrival of the DMCev, a $95,000 electric version of the iconic 80’s stainless steel time machine which was recently unveiled at the New York Auto Show. No word yet if you need to use lightening to charge it though. It’s worth noting that the release of this vehicle is just a few years shy of the time Back to the Future 2 is set in (2015)…and we still don’t have hoverboards. (source)

One Comment

  1. TylerIngram says:

    I always wanted Hasbro to release their hoverboards :(

    Btw, heard you on News1130 yesterday with that dream app thing. Interesting how people have actually been having bad dreams with it instead lol

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