3D Printer Update #7

It’s been a few weeks since my last build update so I figured it might be good time to post some updates on all the printers I’ve got on the go at the moment.

Prusa Mendel
I’ve been tweaking my Prusa quite a bit lately and have been getting really good results as you can see:

Shamrock shotglass



Poly cup

Screwless Cube Gears in PLA

I’m still using Sprinter with the latest version of Slic3r. Will attempt to migrate to the latest Marlin this weekend but am beginning to suspect some issues with RAMPS 1.4 boards as those with RAMPS 1.3 or lower seem to have no issues.

Tantillus Update
Tantillus fail

I’ve been working with Brad (Sublime) in testing his design for the Tantillus. Originally designed with a fully printable frame, I’ve encountered issues printing the frame in ABS on my MakerBot. The frame is comprised of 3 levels of 4 quarters of the frame and each is a huge print for the Thing-O-Matic’s build area taking 3-5 hours to print. The biggest problem is cracking from tall prints as evidenced by the photo above. Even after enclosing the walls of my bot with acrylic windows, I still had issues printing it. It’s likely possible with someone’s bot, just not mine…at least in ABS plastic. Brad’s prototype model was done in PLA and even he had some curling.

To combat this, Brad’s also made a version that can be either CNC milled or laser cut in wood or acrylic. We tested this out last weekend thanks to Derek’s CNC mill:

CNC milling a frame for a 3d printer

Here’s Brad’s original prototype with the wood cutout version side by side:
Printed vs CNC milled Tantillus frames

I painted my frame green:
Green Tantillus prototype

and here’s Brad’s updated wood frame version, complete with an awesome Tantillus logo:

Tantillus wood frame prototype

We’ll be building the prototype versions over the coming weeks and report back once everything is sorted and working.

Other fun stuff
I met Andrew from Glitch 3D Models (who operates a BFB Touch 3d printer) at the Maker Faire event at the Museum of Vancouver last week and he brought his own GIANT Yoda to our regular group meeting:

An army of 3d printed Jedi's

It was a 36 hour print done in PLA. He maxed out his build area with only a few mm left to go so Yoda has a flatish head.

It’s very cool to see the ever growing variety of 3d printers in the area and it’s been a blast sharing ideas with everyone.


  1. CS James says:

    Loving the yoda busts xD The weird thing about the green plastic and it’s texture is that it makes the printed product look almost edible…or is it just me?

  2. Luis Andrade says:

    Great progress with your Prusa, John. Congratulations.
    Which nozzle size are you using: 0.5mm?

  3. Deanne says:

    Hi, John (we met through MJ at Northern Voice) – I nominated you for a creative chaos award – participate (or not) as you wish – cheers http://obsoproject.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/ot-creative-chaos/

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