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Prusa Mendel build update #6

This past weekend, Brad came over and helped me tweak things on my Prusa Mendel. He immediately noticed a few issues in the prints I had previously made. I ended […]

Sea Launch: mobile rocket launch platform in Vancouver Dry Dock

A coworker noticed this ship was in dry dock beside our office in North Vancouver today: Turns out it’s the command ship for the Sea Launch mobile rocket launchpad. I’ve […]

Why I love Hipstamatic

Let me start by saying I don’t hate Instagram, I’m just not a fan…this post is why I love Hipstamatic (for the iPhone) and use it constantly. This post also […]

Prusa Mendel Update #5: It’s alive & printing!

After a night of fixing various problems, I finally have my Prusa printing objects that actually resemble objects! It’s no where near calibrated nor perfect but it’s working reliably now […]

Learning to Solder Better

I’ve owned a soldering iron for as long as I can remember. But I’ve never felt I’ve been very good at using it. Lately I’ve been needing to do more […]

Reprappers of the world unite

This past weekend, I hosted the guys from our Fraser Valley RepRap group at my place so that we could actually setup our machines to print and tinker. This is […]

Monster Jam Monster Truck show

Yesterday I did a guest post on about the big Monster Jam Monster Truck show this weekend. Thought I’d post the video and a few photos from the media […]

New Gear section

Just a little post highlighting the new gear page I just added that lists all the photo, video and tech gear I use regularly. Very similar to my Flickr profile […]