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I’ve been busily printing Prusa Mendel RepRap parts for people on my MakerBot for awhile now and decided to finally setup a proper online store for them and other printed objects at

After playing with a bunch of different storefront options, I’ve decided to just use a simple PayPal order button for now. There is just too many options and settings to sift through before I’d feel comfortable running one of these stores so I thought I’d keep it simple to start.

Prusa Mendel printed parts

There is also a capacity issue as I can only print so much with only one printer online (the 2nd, my Prusa, should be online in a week or two) so it’s currently only offering Prusa parts at the moment with up to a one week lead time.

Prusa Mendel X end motor

I plan on expanding the printed item offerings (and the storefront) at as soon as feasible. I’m also planning on detailing my Prusa build on the blog over there (as well as here still) to help illustrate using the parts I’m printing to build a 3D printer…hopefully a value add over other sellers of the parts, and definitely better than what you get on eBay.

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