Archive for November, 2011 is alive!

I’ve been busily printing Prusa Mendel RepRap parts for people on my MakerBot for awhile now and decided to finally setup a proper online store for them and other printed […]

TEDxVancouver 2011

This weekend I attended the 3rd installment of TEDxVancouver. It was held at the Chan Centre out at UBC which is a stunning place to witness any kind of event […]

Android installed on HP TouchPad

Last night I successfully installed Android (Cyanogen Mod 7) onto my HP TouchPad. I followed the very thorough tutorial on PCPro so I won’t be going over the steps in […]

Zombies, bears, kittens and creepy janitors

Figured an update was in order since I’ve been pretty busy with lots of things since the summer. A few nights before halloween, I figured it was time to carve […]

Gifts to get your geek this holiday season

It’s no secret that most geeks are hard to buy for…myself included. I figured a list of fun things you’re not going to find at the local department store might […]