Yoda in Nuclear Green

The other day, Thingiverse member Bmoshe posted this awesome 3D model of Yoda.

Easily the highest resolution model I’ve printed so far on my MakerBot coming in at a whopping 147mb (versus 1-5mb for a complex model on average). It took forever to render the toolpath in Replicator G but was worth it!


It took just under 3 hours to print this hollow (0% infill with 1 extra shell for those that care):

Note the clean white lighting inside the MakerBot – another upgrade performed this weekend to go with the green LED lighting which I can switch between or use both for a softer green light effect.

Aside from a few dropped loops that cleaned up easily, it printed really well. A dropped loop happened in his mouth that makes it look like he’s sticking his 900 year old tongue out.


I think I’ll scale this model down a bit (there is already a lower res model derivative on Thingaverse) and make a small army of them for friends.

Waiting for the Lucasfilm take down notice in 3…2…1…


  1. TylerIngram says:

    That’s cool!
    Let me know if you stumble across the plans for a Tie-Fighter or a Tydirum Shuttle. Would love to see (have) those lol

    • John says:

      A quick search of the Thingiverse comes up with a Tie Interceptor and a few other related items but no Tydirum Shuttle…yet!

      • TylerIngram says:

        Oh the TIE Interceptor looks pretty cool!

        Just matte paint it and detail it like a model, it would awesome!

        btw, how much say on average, does it cost in material when you do print something out?

        • John says:

          It’s really cheap to print in plastic. The average spool (1kg or 5 lbs) costs around $50 and lasts forever. There are also all kinds of tricks to use less plastic but still remain strong while printing like changing the infill from solid to either hollow (like Yoda and Colbert) or using a percentage of fill that will create structural honeycombs inside that feel solid but use a fraction of the plastic.

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