2011 Celebration of Light Fireworks: Spain

I don’t often watch the fireworks from the beach, but thanks to some free tickets, I was able to view them from the bleachers at English Bay. We showed up just before the show started thanks to assigned seating and got out of there as soon as it was over easily.

Celebration of Light: Spain

Since I had a guaranteed seat on a stable grandstand, I decided to bring my camera and tripod and shoot some photos. I’ve never been happy with my photos of the fireworks but it’s usually because I can’t be bothered to try different settings once it’s all setup…not to mention the ‘randomness’ of the fireworks display and trying to capture just the right shot.

So, I decided to package up all my photos taken during the evening, about 550 of them, into a time-lapse where you can view the entire display in about 40 seconds:


Celebration of Light: Spain

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