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Prusa Mendel: building the frame

I finished printing all the plastic parts needed to build a Prusa Mendel. Also a box of hardware and motors I ordered from Mixshop arrived so I was able to […]

Live at Squamish 2011 Music Festival

I spent the past weekend up in Squamish, BC for the 2011 Live at Squamish Music Festival. Here’s some of my favorite photos from the two day festival of outdoor […]

Adventures in 3D Printing: the Prusa Mendel

As part of my continuing adventures with a 3D printer, my next project is printing an actual 3D printer, the opensource Prusa Mendel, a Reprap derivative. Well, printing a good […]

Gameduino videogame shield for the Arduino

A while back, I participated in my first Kickstarter project by ‘funding’ something called a Gameduino: It’s an add on module (aka a shield) for the Arduino hardware platform. It […]

Yoda in Nuclear Green

The other day, Thingiverse member Bmoshe posted this awesome 3D model of Yoda. Easily the highest resolution model I’ve printed so far on my MakerBot coming in at a whopping […]

Testdriving the 2011 Chevy Volt Electric vehicle in Alaska

Last month, I was invited by GM Canada up to Alaska to try out the 2011 Chevy Volt ahead of the Canadian launch happening this fall. My first encounter with […]

Animated short about 3D Printing

I stumbled across this clever animated short film called FULL PRINTED about how 3D printing is useful as well as a potential future of this technology. FULL PRINTED from nueve […]

2011 Celebration of Light Fireworks: Spain

I don’t often watch the fireworks from the beach, but thanks to some free tickets, I was able to view them from the bleachers at English Bay. We showed up […]

Replicating Stephen Colbert

Recently I printed Stephen Colbert’s head on my MakerBot (in ‘John Boehner orange’ as someone in the comments on Flickr pointed out): and made a timelapse of the nearly 2 […]

A few weeks with a 3D Printer: What I’ve learned

I’ve had my MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer up and running for a few weeks now and thought I’d document some of the things that I’ve learned during this process. Hopefully […]