Use your iPhone as a 3D scanner with Trimensional

I first saw this app a few months ago, well before I had decided to get into 3D printing.

Trimensional is an iPhone app that lets you take 3D photos. I thought it was just a fun camera app to make animated gifs like these:

That is until they added the ability (via a modest in-app purchase) to export the scans as files that can be read by a 3D printer (.STL), like my MakerBot:

So here’s the scan of my face from above, printed in ‘nuclear green’:



Pretty cool and just a little creepy!


  1. Catherine says:

    This is why I refuse to let people see my house keys or take high-res photos of my eyes or fingertips. Talk about disruptive technology!

  2. Terry says:

    Hi John-
    Anybody know of software for creating STL files using an LED scanner/photocopier?

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