Glacier Ice Hiking in Seward, Alaska

I just got back from spending the better part of an amazing week in Alaska as part of a media tour for the launch of the new Chevy Volt electric vehicle which will be available in Canada this fall. But more on that part of the trip in a future post.

One of the activities our group chose to do was glacier ice hiking. This involved meeting up with Exit Glacier Guides in Seward, Alaska where our guide, Julian, outfitted us with crampons, trekking poles and backpacks and gave us some introductory tips for hiking on the glacier.

We then took a van (powered by bio-fuel!) to the local airstrip a few minutes away where we got on a helicopter for a 7 minute flight up to the Godwin Glacier.

Glacier Ice Hiking

Much to my delight, Sean, our helicopter pilot already had a GoPro mount on the front of the helicopter and offered to let me shoot footage of our flight up to the glacier…so enjoy the breathtaking scenery in Alaska:

Glacier Ice Hiking

Glacier Ice Hiking

Glacier Ice Hiking

I also had the GoPro mounted to my helmet the entire time we were hiking shooting still photos so here’s some of the best shots combined with ones taken by my Nikon D7000:

View the full photoset on Flickr.

My huge thanks to Adria, Veronica, Garry and Lisa for making this trip possible and the rest of my hiking crew Kathy, Alex, Jason, Garry and our excellent guide, Julian.

Glacier Ice Hiking

The guys at Exit Glacier Guides were fabulous and I can’t recommend them enough if you every want to check out this experience for yourself.

Glacier Ice Hiking

Definitely the trip of a lifetime!

Disclosure: GM Canada paid for this activity as part of the media tour of Alaska that I was on.

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  1. Tyler says:

    Love the helicopter footage!
    Looks like it as a bunch o fun walking the glaicer too.

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