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Lomography LC-Wide 35mm film camera

I recently purchased a new compact point and shoot digital camera, a Nikon P300. I had high hopes for it’s small size and unique features. Sadly, I wasn’t that impressed […]

MakerBotCam is live

I’ve setup a UStream channel for my MakerBot so you can see what I’m currently printing with it. Can’t promise it will always be on but will try to record […]

How to install Preware onto your HP TouchPad on a Mac

I’m a little late to the party but I was recently given a HP TouchPad by the nice folks at HP Canada and stumbled across an interesting app today called […]

3D Printing a Hyperboloid

Trying out my new time-lapse rig, using a Creative Live! Socialize HD Webcam here is a hyperboloid pencil holder I found on the Thingiverse: Just over 2.5 hours to print […]

Catamaran cruise of Alaska’s Kenai Fjord National Park

Our first full day in Alaska had us going on a 6+ hour catamaran boat cruise with Kanai Fjord Tours of the Kanai Fjord National Park. Apparently, they rarely get […]

Use your iPhone as a 3D scanner with Trimensional

I first saw this app a few months ago, well before I had decided to get into 3D printing. Trimensional is an iPhone app that lets you take 3D photos. […]

Glacier Ice Hiking in Seward, Alaska

I just got back from spending the better part of an amazing week in Alaska as part of a media tour for the launch of the new Chevy Volt electric […]