Fly Zone skydiving simulator

I spent last Friday afternoon doing something I’ve wanted to do forever – skydiving! Well, in this case, it was simulated in a vertical wind tunnel but as you’ll see, it’s pretty close to the real thing:

Miss 604 at the FlyZone

Out in Delta, Fly Zone Body Flight, gives visitors a chance to experience the feeling of free fall skydiving, without having to get onto a plane:
Group ahead of us gettin' air at the @flyz0ne

After a short session in a classroom, Rebecca (Miss 604) and I donned our jumpsuits, goggles and helmets and headed to the wind tunnel which was outside. It’s actually on a flat deck trailer that can be moved to various locations.

Here’s me flying around inside the tunnel on my first run:

Here's @miss604 flying at the @flyz0ne

Here’s Rebecca doing her full first flight:

Watch as the flight instructors strut their stuff after our first lesson:

Fly Zone

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the amount of drool I had blown all over my face from being in the tunnel…I’m pretty sure it was due to the giant smile on my face as the turbine spun below.

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  1. David says:

    I heard that they had these in Vegas, but didn’t know they are also in Delta!

    Want to do the real thing, but weather has been too cold. I’ll be away for the first half of June, but when I get back, still would like to jump out of a real plane (probably in Mission) with you.

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