Traded my Leica for a Nikon

Well, not really…but kinda.

I’ve been using a fake Leica iPhone 4 skin on my iPhone for a few months now and it’s been amazing the response I get from people when they see it:

The perfect iPhone 4 skin, applied
But wanted something a little different.

Then I found this guy’s ebay listing for something a little more up my alley:
Received an upgrade for my iPhone 4 today

Pretty cool for around $10 delivered. Check out his other listings for some cool retro cassette tape skins and other camera options.

Nice thing is that I easily removed the Leica skin and can switch back if I get bored of the Nikon skin…these things really are reusable.

One Comment

  1. Tyler says:

    Oh neat skin! I liked the Leica one before, but digging the Nikon one.

    Too bad they don’t have a Pentax one, I would pick one up I think. The cassette ones are pretty cool too.

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