Who wants to go to Whistler?

So I’m about to do something I’ve never done on this site before – give away something! Since I like taking photos, I’m hoping this is a slightly more interesting entry process.

Whistler Creekside

My friends at Whistler/Blackcomb have given me a sweet little prize pack to give to my readers/followers. All you have to do is show me your favorite winter photo – it doesn’t have to be professional, it just has to be of some kind of winter fun.

It can be anywhere (not just at Whistler), and anytime as long as it’s during the winter. So dig out those polaroids from the 80s or find that awesome photo on your cameraphone from during the Olympics.

Who can and how do you enter?
Anyone can (even you Quebec – well maybe not actually, just say you live in Ontario and we’re cool) and it’s easy to enter – either link it in my comments or tweet a link to your photo (twitpic, flickr, etc. doesn’t matter) on Twitter using the hashtag: #JBSendsU2WB (you’re not required to link to this post in your tweet)

Who decides the winner?
I do…of course. I’ll choose my favorite photo entry from all the entries/tweets and that’s who will win the prize. No magic random voodoo, just my personal favorite of all entries. I’ll retweet the winning photo as well.

When does the contest close?
Contest closes on Thursday, November 25th @ 9am PST. I’ll announce the winner at the Whistler Tweetup later that evening.

What’s the prize?
There will be one prize in which the winner (chosen by me) will receive a one night stay at a Lodging Ovations hotel in Whistler Creekside along with 2 x 1 day lift passes to Whistler/Blackcomb (so you can bring a friend!). You can use the prize anytime during the season up until April 2011. You’re responsible for getting yourself to and from Whistler as well as any other expenses (equipment rentals, food, hotel room porn, etc.).

You can enter as many times as you want but each ‘entry’ has to be a different photo of ‘winter fun’.

Good luck!

UPDATE: After a tough deliberation this morning, I’ve selected Steve (@stv) as the winner of the Whistler prize pack with his cross country skiing photo (taken at Cypress) which really captured the ‘winter fun’ theme I was looking for.

Thanks to everyone who entered – some truly awesome photos were submitted…I’m going to have to do more photo contests like this in the future! An extra special thanks to Whistler/Blackcomb and Lodging Ovations for the prize pack!

Enjoy your trip Steve!


  1. Dan says:

    Cool idea. I don’t want to enter as I wouldn’t be able to collect the prize. However, you reminded me of my favourite winter pic. of all time:


    So I thought I’d share :)

  2. John says:

    Whoa Dan! That is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Niamh says:

    Hi John, I want to go to Whistler!

    I love the snowmen photo above, thanks for sharing that Dan.

    Here’s an entry from me having some of that ‘winter fun’ on Whistler Mountain: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nredmond/5189069998/

    Cheers for running the competition!

  4. Chris Heuer says:

    Love this idea, really wish I could find my favorite winter photo, but it looks like I didn’t tag it and I can’t find it. Instead, I have my 2nd favorite photo which I took while driving (before we were told not to text and drive, I know I know, its bad, but hey, its a great photo). This is my keep tahoe blue photo on rte 89 on the way into Tahoe City http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisheuer/106593140/

  5. Chris Heuer says:

    I found 2 others I also like a lot, but aren’t as artistic, just personally sentimental and fun

    Me and My Jeep

    Me and My Friends

  6. steff says:

    WoOoO. We loves vacations.

    Not “fun” photo, but two photos of the whitest Christmas I’ve EVER seen in Vancouver, from Christmas Eve Day, 2008, on my street:


    And another snowy picture in my neighbourhood from 2 years before, that I turned into an Xmas card-type thing.


    I don’t mean it to be all blog-promotey, since I don’t care if anyone reads it, but I don’t have them on Flickr or some other place, sorry!

  7. Beth says:

    From a snowshoeing trip on Cypress Mountain:


    And then there was this one time that my roommate and I built a snowrat (as I used to do rat model research). I can’t find the original digital copy of the photo, but I have this photograph of the photograph in a frame that my roommate made for me:


  8. Beth says:

    Here are some from my 30th birthday surfing trip to Tofino! Yeah, there’s snow on the beach. And yeah, we are surfing. We’re so hard core! :)


  9. Kate says:

    Hi John, Thanks for this contest…..winter is one of my four favourite seasons ;). Everybody’s winter photo entries here are wonderful (and fun)! I couldn’t decide among 8 of my winter photos, so I’m entering all of them into your contest. Thanks!

  10. Awesome contest! I try to get iconic photos of ever season. Here are my entries from Flickr (when I get home I’m gonna fire up the scanner!)

    I was in Stratford-Upon-Avon in England last January when it snowed for the first time in 6 years (in England during Christmas). It was absolutely gorgeous.

    The River Avon was frozen over and these ducks were walking along:

    (just to show you HOW frozen the river was — a swan: http://www.flickr.com/photos/monnibo/4609842916/in/set-72157624066960452/)

    I was in Leeds also in January and visited Kirkstall Abby:

    For the past 5 winters, I’ve spent Christmas with my boyfriend’s family in Manchester. Here is a beautiful photo of the River Irwell in Salford, Manchester:

  11. Winter pictures, you want? Winter, pictures? Oh, I can do winter pictures! :)
    From Yellowknife:
    “how we get around up here”
    “9:30am Christmas Eve, sun peeks above horizon”
    “what happens when the ferry stops and the ice road’s not ready”

  12. Kimli says:

    Winter? Check. Snow? Check. Mountain? Check. LASARS??!@# Hell yes.


  13. Shane R says:

    When you’re 5 years old and the only snow you have ever even heard about is the stuff your Canadian dad tells you about, what happens on the ONE day when it finally comes?

    Your old man goes to a bazillion stores until he finds the ONE sled in all of the SE of England and you hike out to the only hill around and then…

    your life is changed forever with snowy goodness.

    My son Fin, winter 2009


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