My 2011 SXSW proposal

Once again it’s that time when all the SXSW folks start pitching to anyone with a pulse their panel ideas for voting. I’m no different although I try to keep it to a minimum.

SXSW 2010

Lately SXSW has been awash is social media and marketing sessions (even my session with Chris Heuer earlier this year fell into that category). This time around, I’ve proposed a solo session on something a little different, something that I’m very passionate about and hope that it will inspire attendees like I was inspired in my first years attending SXSW when there were a lot more creative sessions that had less to do with the web, but rather helped inspire you to make the web better.

So what is it? Well, it’s a session about creating timelapse movies, which are basically still frames shown in sequence. Here’s a couple of samples:

While not directly related to the ‘interactive’ side of SXSW, they have been trying to overlap & commingle the film audience the last few years. I considered submitting this to the Film program but figure the filmmakers would already know how to make these. I’ve given a version of this presentation at Northern Voice during PhotoCamp and plan to expand it and include some new content, especially given the larger time slot. Based on the feedback I received from Northern Voice attendees, my hope is that this session will help inspire people that haven’t considered making these kinds of movies because either they didn’t know how to or didn’t think they had the right gear – both points (and more) will be covered off (short answer is that it’s easy and you can make these with just about any camera, you don’t really need special, expensive gear to do it).

Whether you’re planning on attending or not, please considering giving me a thumbs up vote for my submission, called Create Timelapse movies without a Flux Capacitor – it only takes a minute to signup if you don’t already have an account. Although it only counts for 30% of the total score as to whether it will be accepted, it’s still an important component of getting in.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in Austin next year!


  1. Jon Strocel says:

    Panel sounds great John, hope to join you in Austin this year!

  2. Mike L says:

    Just read a blog today on time lapse videos, see

    The use of camera movements in some of these creates a great effect. Must be tricky to do in a time lapse, or require special equipment.

    Perhaps the creators of some of these videos can be convinced to join your panel.

    • John says:

      Camera movements can be tricky to plan and does require special equipment to pull off well.

      I’ll be touching on this aspect but more of an advanced technique, time permitting, as the intent of the session is to interest people new to the techniques, using existing, non-specialized gear.

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