Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard on the iPad

A new iPad application, called Flipboard, was released last night amid much fanfare from a number of prominent folks on Twitter (Robert Scoble is who introduced it to me).

After finally getting it downloaded and setup, which took awhile due to heavy demand right out of the gate, I have to say, it lives up to the hype.

It lets you add your Twitter and Facebook feeds, along with a number of selectable content categories (you can’t add your own RSS feeds, at least not yet) and it presents all that content as a completely personalized magazine to you. The screenshots in this post are from my own Facebook content, presented in Flipboard.

Server overload and few other glitches aside, it’s pretty slick and can only get better as they expand the content offerings.

Flipboard on the iPad Flipboard for iPad

Check out this video explaining more about it:

After playing with it for awhile, I agree it’s a pretty compelling way to view your social world. I love that the magazine is different everytime you open it…although I do wish there was an offline cache version as it seems to choke if you don’t have a net connection.

Did I mention it’s free on the app store?


  1. KyleWith says:

    It still wont let me set up my Twitter or Facebook accounts. Seems I’m not trying hard enough.

    Other than that I too am excited about this app.

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