Netflix is coming to Canada

Today, online movie streaming site, Netflix announced that it is coming to Canada this fall.

Netflix is coming to Canada

I had a chance to talk about what this means to Canadians with Lisa Christiansen on CBC Radio One’s On the Coast this afternoon (thanks for capturing it Dave!):

CBC Radio One: Netflix coming soon to Canada

Canadian pricing and library availability wasn’t given in their press release but you can visit their site and sign up to be notified of when more details are announced.

Interestingly,, as well as their iPad app (pictured above), when visited from Canada both redirect users to and the signup form.

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  1. Andy says:

    Cool audio clip, nice job at explaining the service.

    I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be good for consumers and it’s nice that the big boys are going to have some competition. Should look nice through an xbox hooked up to an LCD, really hoping they include that option!

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