The Flying Canucks

This weekend I had the chance to check out the Flying Canucks…they aren’t hockey players, but they are amazing athletes who use trampolines to entertain people.

The Flying Canucks

The team is comprised of former Olympic athletes and Cirque De Soleil performers, it is a high energy show that even has a DJ.

As you’ll see in the video, Olivier Lemieux actually took my little Kodak Zx1 on the trampoline with him for a few tricks:

The Flying Canucks

Consider yourself warned as it may make some people a little queasy seeing the kind of moves his body goes through. There is also a brief picture in picture clip to give you an idea of what tricks are being performed from two perspectives. It’s not perfectly in sync but pretty close considering I only had one video camera at the event.

The Flying Canucks

The Flying Canucks

A big thanks to the Flying Canucks for having me out and for putting on a great show. They are performing March 5-7, 2010 at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby and then taking a break and will tour again this summer.


  1. Dixon Tam says:

    Nice work, John! I especially liked the video footage from Olivier holding the video camera while on the trampoline.

  2. Jon Jennings says:

    There were some folks doing trampolining-up-walls outside the VAG during the Olympics. I guess it was the same people… nice to know a little more about them – thanks.

  3. Viscara says:

    Now this was cool.. We used to practice this way for Diving on springboard.

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