My 2010 Games Highlight Reel

I managed to shoot over 17,000 photos and hours of video during the three weeks I was covering the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Whistler, Cypress and even Whitehorse, Yukon for a day.

Here is the 8 minute version of those 3 weeks:

Music: Above & Beyond – World on Fire (12″ Remix)

I managed to kill my DSLR shooting on Cypress Mountain in the rain…it’s in the shop getting looked at so my fingers are crossed. I’m going to miss the first half of the Paralympic Games because I’ll be in Austin, Texas attending South by Southwest but I hope to catch the tail end when I get back….hopefully with a working camera.

A huge thank you to all my friends, family (especially my wife, Stacie), the staff and volunteers at the BC International Media Centre and all those that helped make these Games the amazing, once in a lifetime, experience that it was for me.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making and living it from (mostly) behind the camera.


  1. Jordan Behan says:

    Awesome stuff John!

    Very cool to see an independent media maker’s viewpoint, and you got to do so much over the past three weeks!

    Looking forward to SXSW, and to the Paralympic Games when we return!

    Hey, it’s ok if I post this on with attribution to you, yes?

  2. Rebecca says:

    So much fun, thanks for sharing so many experiences with me – and with the world through your amazing photos and video content!

  3. Nicole Dobernig says:

    Thank you for this. You couldn’t have captured excitement better!!

  4. Amazing video! Can watch it again and again. Thank you for sharing your unforgettable impressions with us.

  5. Enzo says:

    Quite the video, John! You’ve captured the Olympics from so many amazing perspectives. Thanks for sharing with us.

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