People of the Games [Part 2]

Here’s some more amazing people that I’ve come across during my Olympic adventures:

Jon Montgomery
Jon Montgomery
After winning the gold medal in skeleton, he walked through Whistler Village to do an interview and someone handed him a pitcher of beer which he drank from…to me this is one of the defining moments of the games that really make them Canadian for me…after hearing Jon be himself in interviews and in person, watching him enjoy his time in the spotlight in his own uniquely Canadian way is just awesome.

Shane Koyczan
Shane Koyczan
The slam poet that for me, stole the show at the Opening Ceremonies in BC Place. I had a chance to shake his hand and say thanks for writing and performing such an inspiring piece.

Jane Roos
CAN FUND Athletes House
Jane is the founder of CAN Fund which helps Canadian athletes to continue to be athletes by bridging funding gaps and raising money on their behalf. I met Jane at the CANFund Athletes House which is an amazing space (donated by Shaw Communications, overlooking the Olympic Cauldron) that gives athletes and their families a more private place to relax during the games. Jane is another person that works tirelessly in the background to make the games happen for all of us.

The Fans
Granville Street
No matter how tired I am or the time of day during the Olympic Games, I never get tired of the fans I’ve encountered around town. Nothing has made me happier during these past few weeks than the positive vibe the city has…I hope we find a way to keep it going because the city has never felt so alive to me.

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