Nardwuar and the Olympics

As I’ve mentioned before, the BC Media Centre hosts a lot of press conferences. One highlight of many of them is long time Vancouver favorite, Nardwuar the Human Serviette asking questions of various people on stage.

First he asked Governor Arnold Swartzenegger about his previous vinyl efforts:

Pacific Coast Collaborative Press Conference

then today, he asked Canadian Ice Dance Gold Medalists Scott Moir & Tessa Virture about Scott’s previous aspirations of becoming a SWAT team leader:

(make sure you watch til the end to hear Tessa finish Nardwuar’s famous jingle)

He even stopped in when the Stanley Cup was here to find his great uncle’s name who won the cup with Chicago in 1961:

Hey it's @Nardwuar with Phil & the Stanley Cup

Thanks for being awesome, Nardwuar!

UPDATE: Narduar has posted a bunch of other videos from his Olympics experiences and they are pretty cool.

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