Do cool kids leave when the suits arrive? [SXSWi Preview]

Tonight, Chris Heuer and I recorded a brief podcast as part of the lead up to our SXSWi Core Conversation, called “Do cool kids leave when the suits arrive?”. It’s intended to give attendees a little insight into the session we’ll be having on Friday, March 12, 2010.

SXSWi 2008

You can read my original submission (from back in July). Unfortunately, our session won’t be a full panel with all the speakers I had originally proposed, but a few of them are hoping to still come out and be a part of the conversation. If you’re going to be in Austin, we’d love to have you come out at 3:30pm and join us. Have a listen:

SXSWi 2010: Do Cool Kids Leave when the Suits Arrive?

Not quite sure yet how the folks at SXSW will utilize this podcast (they asked for it) but I thought we should post it here.

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