Thrill the World [rehearsals]

Earlier this year, I shot some photos & video at the Vancouver Zombie Walk. The ‘opening act’ if you will, was a number of people dancing as part of the Thrill the World Vancouver event that is coming up on October 24th.

They got a fair amount of interest from the gathering crowd outside the art gallery. I was asked back to shoot some more photos and video of their rehearsals for the big event that will take place at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver next weekend.

Thrill the World [rehearsal]

As you can see from these photos, they had a huge turnout for the rehearsal…the place was packed with people young and old.

Thrill the World [rehearsal]

I shot a bunch of video and photos as well as some fun timelapse clips of the rehearsals…here’s the short video covering it all:

There were a lot of little kids learning all the moves…and they were really getting into it…very cool to see an event like this bring people together…with the added bonus of it being for a charity as all participants will be donating some cash to benefit the Vancouver Food Bank.

Thrill the World [rehearsal]

One thing that really surprised me was the effort everyone was putting into this…they REALLY wanted to do it right and spent hours practicing the moves while I was there…and this was only one of a handful of rehearsals. I can only imagine how awesome the event will be next Saturday with all these folks coming out in full Zombie costume.

Congratulations to Graham, the dance instructors and volunteers for pulling this all together. If you want to see it happen live, head down to the Roundhouse by 5:30pm on Saturday to see the full zombie invasion.

Visit the Thrill the World website for all the details. As usual, you can view my full photoset on Flickr.

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