More cellphone lens adapters

Nearly every time I’m downtown, I like to stroll through Urban Outfitters as they tend to have an interesting, if overpriced, selection of weird camera gadgets and toys. My recent trip did not disappoint when I found something I’ve head about for probably years, just never saw in person: little plastic lens addons for your cellphone. They’re called ‘jelly lenses’ since they attach via a rubbery substance that doesn’t leave any residue and can easily be popped on or off.

They only had the kalidescope version in store but have a number of options available online. They sell for $8US online or $10Cdn instore (not cheap considering what they are). I was able to find them on ebay for as little as $4Cdn delivered so shop around if you’re interested…ebay also turned up complete sets of different effects for under $20 – just search for ‘jelly lens’.

This is what the kalidescope model looks like:
Jelly lens addon

which results in something like this when attached to my iPhone 3GS:
Jelly lens addon

Here’s a super short video so you can see the kalidescope in action:

Some fun possibilities are possible with these simple and relatively cheap addons. I’ve ordered the fisheye version from ebay so stay tuned for a future post that is sure to come once I have it.

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