Why the SXSW panel picker is important

There is only a handful of days left to vote for the panels that *could* end up being presented at SXSWi next March. I’ve already outlined the panel I put together in a previous post but wanted to explain a little bit about why it’s important for your votes…even if you’re not planning on attending SXSWi, although I hope you will. I also wanted to highlight a few other people’s panels that I’m interested in attending and are just a small sampling of some of the amazing sessions and people that make SXSW as much fun and amazing as it is.

SXSW 2009

First of all, for the first time that I can remember, there is a now a Hot Ideas index of the popularly voted sessions. These are the sessions that appear to be the most popular although it’s unofficial. There are some pretty big names in that list all with very interesting topics, or at least internet famous panelists that will help ensure a great turnout to their panel.

Some friends that are putting together some compelling panel programming this year include:

  • Josh Babetski, an evangelist for Mapquest (whom I met a couple years ago at SXSWi) has pulled together what looks like a stellar lineup of folks to talk about the future of mobile experiences now that many devices we use are all location & socially aware.
  • Rob Cottingham has proposed to bring Teh Funny to Austin…I had the pleasure of seeing this earlier this year at Northern Voice and can only imagine how Rob will bring the audience to tears (of joy) if he gets a chance. Get a peak at his presentation from NV here
  • Dave Olson who’s proposing a panel about Hitchhiking to the Boardroom which is the continuation of awesome that Dave brings to many events, including SXSW of which I’ve attended with him for the past couple of years. Dave also has posted an awesome roundup of panels you might be interested in voting for
  • Adele McAlear, whom I also met in Austin a couple years ago, has proposed a panel whose topic has hit close to home a little too much lately – Posts Mortem: Death and Digital Legacy
  • Joining Dave on another panel submission is my SXSW jedi master, Kris Krug (whom I actually met in Austin four years ago, not in Vancouver if you can believe it) along with the amazing Bev Davies to talk about Rock’n’Roll Photography.
  • Like Kris, I also met Robert Scales in Austin during my first trip to SXSW and this year he’s proposed a fascinating panel discussing Social Media and the Olympics which I got a preview of at Northern Voice.
  • My pals over at Sixty4Media aren’t proposing a panel, but have a great list of Vancouver folks proposing panels – hopefully they will make their way to Austin next year too

As you can see from this list, l know a lot of great people that have amazing panel ideas and submissions…one thing that really makes SXSW so special is that there are literally thousands of other people you and I don’t know attending that have equally amazing ideas about stuff that interests you. You can’t walk around the conference and not meet new people or experience new ideas…some would suggest that just walking around the conference is better than actually attending the panels. I wouldn’t disagree.

SXSW 2009

Voting closes on September 4th so if you haven’t already, please vote for my panel….I know that kind of sounds like that video professor guy on tv…but time is running out and I promise not to teach you how to use Excel.

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  1. Thanks so much, John! And very best of luck with your panel (I’ve voted for it!)


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