iPhone camera is number one on Flickr

Today, Wired.com posted an article about the iPhone surpassing all other cameras to take the top spot on my favorite photo sharing website, Flickr. This isn’t surprising to me…I have over a thousand photos taken with the iPhone on there alone.

Even cooler than that though was the fact they used one of my photos, with attribution, of the iPhone in the article:
Wired.com Photo

and on the homepage of Wired.com:

Wired.com Photo

The geek in me is happy today…even if the photographer in me wishes they used a better photo ;)

One Comment

  1. VancityAllie says:

    Congrats on your photo John! That’s such a compliment.

    I’m really surprised the iPhone has overtaken all photos on Flickr. Really? I would think the Rebel would be top, maybe.

    Shows how much I know! :)

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