Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard available for preorder

Apple’s latest version of their OS X operating system, named Snow Leopard is now available for preorder at It’s due to be released at the end of September.

It’s not on any Canadian sites yet for preorder but I’ll update this post when it is.
OSX Snow Leopard
It’s a pretty slick update to Leopard (10.5) and clocks in at just $29 for one user or $49 for a Family Pack which covers 5 computers.

Apple has a full list of refinements that details what you’ll get for that $29.

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  1. David Etter says:

    One of the problems with Apple’s upgrades is that often older ‘pro’ versions of their software that I’ve paid good money for are suddenly reduced to the ‘free’ version with the new upgrade. e.g.:QuicktimePro
    I usually find this out after the fact as Apple are not too open about the loss of functionality of older software.
    Also, with each upgrade in iTunes the spyware of Apple increases. I had to use iTunes 4.0 on my old iBook for several years to keep Apple out of my computer. The list goes on.

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