BikeCam fail

You probably knew this was coming.

BikeCam fail

I bought an $8 camera mount and trusted a $400 camera on it while riding on a bumpy gravel trail.

Turns out that the P6000 doesn’t have any stabilization while shooting video so I should have switched back to the much lighter Zi6 camera before pressing on with my ride.

Here’s the video footage it was capturing when the failure happened:

I don’t blame the $8 mount – I pushed it too far by riding for an extended period on a gravel trail that was very bumpy and had elevated the camera with a mini-ball head mount making it even less stable.

BikeCam fail

Fortunately the camera appears to be fine, if not a little dirty.

Lesson learned. I’m probably going to buy the same $8 mount (which the ebay seller sells a little bit cheaper on his website here) and be a little more careful with what I put on it.


  1. This is what I worry about when I contemplate getting a bike mount for my iPhone. The added complication is that I want a mount that will also hold the phone when I’ve got the juice pack air on it…

    Sorry about your camera, never nice to see something like that with an expensive piece of hardware. Glad to hear that it seems to be no worse for wear though.

  2. For some reason, I didn’t hear the “Oh sh**” that should have accompanied the camera falling off the mount. You must have been too far away for it to be audible :-).

    Glad your camera is still in one piece.

  3. VancityAllie says:

    OH NO!

    My worst nightmare… I constantly assume everything will go fine when I mount my cameras to surfboards or snowboards… videos like this SCARE me!

    I was actually planning on doing something like this (http://www

    …. but now your video makes me scared ;)

    That’s awesome you got the footage of it falling though!

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