Watch out Roland – the BikeCam lives

The camera mount for my bike arrived from Hong Kong (via eBay) today….pretty sweet setup for $8 delivered!

$8 bike camera tripod mount!

It’s way too hot out right now for a proper ride so I did a quick spin around the block with my Kodak Zi6 attached to a mini-ballhead attached to the bike via the new mount.

BikeCam test ride

For an added bonus, I threw the fisheye lens on the Zi6 too.
Here’s the resulting video:

As you can see, it was pretty bumpy…I blame the Zi6 mostly since it has no stabilization. I’ll try some other camera gear and see what the results are…a timelapse ride might be cool too.

Much more to come soon!

UPDATE: You may want to refrain from using too heavy a camera, like say the Nikon P6000 on this mount and then ride on a bumpy gravel trail…unless you like to watch your camera tumble off the bike. Clearly it was too heavy for the mount combined with a very bumpy road. See the gory details here.


  1. Dan Udey says:

    Ow, my equilibrium. Stabilization is a must. Still, that’s pretty awesome. Maybe head-mount it?

    It would be nice to have some kind of charging mechanism you could attach to your bike to charge from pedal power. I wonder if anyone makes such a thing.

  2. Kyler says:

    Don’t let the cops see this… failure to stop at a stop sign, then riding on the sidewalk… LOL

    Cool viewpoint. If you manage to improve the stabilization it’ll be really great.

  3. John says:

    Heh…I was wondering if someone would call me on my moving violations…you missed my lack of a helmet too ;) Just a quick test video on a quiet street…nothing to see here…move along.

    My P6000 may be a little more stable…will try a few things out this weekend.

  4. I’m sorry – I just can’t get over the fact that you got this for only $8! Let’s just pause to marvel at the global industrial complex for a moment – what would you do for $8? Not much, I’m guessing. Yet this thing got shipped from Hong Kong and manufactured for $8. Incredible.

  5. John says:

    I was thinking the same thing Brendon…for slightly more than I spend on breakfast I could get something manufactured and shipped to my door from across the world. I looked around and found similar, yet inferior bike mounts for as much as $70 plus shipping at the usual bike or camera places. I would have expected to pay $8 just for shipping. Plus the fact that I got personalized customer service from Ivy in Hong Kong (emails when shipped and confirmation email when I emailed to say I got it) even made the transaction all that much better.

  6. Tyler says:

    $8 is a good deal for what ya got!

    We you wearing a helmet too? Either way, it looked pretty cool and yea IS of sort would be neat if you could do it but meh, I still liked it!

    Now.. you need to head over to Whistler with that and try out the downhill!

  7. ritchie says:

    Nice John! definitely cool, and I agree with Kyler (don’t let the coppers see this!)

    It reminds me of that video that you did with the DIY steady cam mount.

  8. I don’t suppose it’s too late for you to organize a bulk purchase :-) ? if so put me down for one, otherwise let me know how to get one, a link to their website would be gratefully accepted !

  9. John says:

    Roland: I got mine from this eBay seller who seems to have a bunch:

  10. VancityAllie says:

    Oh wow, that is awesome! Pretty good quality!

    Have you seen the GoPro camera stuff? Also great for bikes. But you are right, for $8 you just can’t beat it!

    Would you ever consider mounting your D90 on a bike? I’ve been considering it somehow for snowboarding but every possible solution seems like a bad, bad idea ;) Haha.

    • John says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen the GoPro gear and it’s cool…this was $8 so I had nothing to lose ;)

      Don’t think it would ever support my D90…plus I’m not sure I’d trust me on the bike with the D90 mounted. The P6000 should be nearly as good quality wise, just not HD video. Still need to play around more with some other gear.

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