Griffin PowerJolt Reserve for iPhone [Review]

Just a quick review of this handy gadget I picked up for my iPhone. Battery power is always an issue for iPhone users that use their phones alot. I had looked at things like the Mophie Juice Pack and the InCase Power Slider but found these to be too bulky. I rarely need to double my battery life, usually just give it another 20-40% to last all day and into the night.

That’s when I stumbled across the Griffin PowerJolt Reserve ($45 @ Future Shop) which seemed to be the perfect thing. It’s a small little battery pack that ‘lives’ on a dock that you leave in your car which also has a pass-thru USB port in case you want to actually charge your iPhone while driving too which is a nice touch. Even cooler is the dock actually uses inductive charging to top up the battery pack – it literally just sits on the dock – no cables or pins to line up and it magnetically stays put while charging it up.

PowerJolt Reserve

It charges while you drive and then when you get to that night time outing after a day of work, you just grab the battery pack and take it with you. If you run low on juice, plug it in…no bulky case to weigh you down.

I actually mentioned this item when I was on Couch Beers with Jordan…I had actually just bought it minutes before being on the show and hadn’t even opened the package or tried it yet so this is the follow up review.

PowerJolt Reserve

The battery pack has a single button on it which lights up the five leds on it to let you know how much juice is left in the battery pack. On my iPhone 3GS it seemed to charge it up at a rate of about 1% per minute – while still using it. I’ve used it a couple of times now when my iPhone is down to about 20% and a fully charged battery pack will easily get me beyond 50% in no time while I’m still using the device.
PowerJolt Reserve

It has a kind of strange shape when not in the dock but easily goes into your pocket while charging it up without too much trouble.

PowerJolt Reserve

Another added bonus of this pack being small and not a full sized case – you can easily share it with your iPhone toting friends. I was out for drinks with a bunch of folks and we were all running low on juice and we just passed the pack around each grabbing a few minutes of charge each….not a full charge but certainly enough to finish out the night or to make it through the bus ride home.

PowerJolt Reserve

Griffin also makes a wall plug version, called the PowerBlock Reserve as well as a Powerduo Reserve which includes both the car charger dock and the wall plug dock. Had I seen the Duo first, I would have probably bought that instead.

I’m pretty happy with this item and I don’t have to worry about charging my iPhone on the go after a long day of use. I bought mine at Future Shop but it seems you can find these anywhere that sells iPhone stuff – I’ve seen them at the Apple Store, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.


  1. Looks like a pretty slick solution. Have you tried out the USB port on the thing for charging your iPhone? The reason I ask is because I’ve got another Griffin charging product, I thought it was called the power jolt, that seems to be a bit flaky. When my iPhone gets down around 20% battery left, the thing seems to think it’s fully charged and won’t pass along any power until the iPhone dies completely. Could be a faulty unit I suppose… Anyways, just curious if you’ve tried it out or not?

  2. John says:

    I have the PowerJolt SE…always worked fine for me…haven’t tried the USB port on the front of this unit for a full charge…just partials.

    Griffin has pretty awesome customer service…might be worth contacting them…they may swap out your charger.

  3. Ken says:

    London Drugs is having this for 19.99 on tuesday. Detail/Electronics.htm?BreadCrumbs=Electronics;Electronics;Accessories;MP3 WMA Player Accessories;Griffin PowerJolt Reserve – Black – 9785PJLTRS&Catalog=Electronics&Category=MP3 WMA Player Accessories&ProductID=3891801&ProductTab=3

  4. Colin Meacham says:

    Ok I purchased this unit, and the USB does not work to charge the iPhone 3GS I repeat does not work. I took the first unit back, and exchanged for another, in case I had a DOA unit. I tried again..NO go..the battery charges, lights come on etc, however there is NO power going into the phone Via USB port and Original Apple cable to phone..If any one has one that works…I would be curious !

  5. Colin Meacham says:

    OOps..I stand corrected ! it was MY CAR outlet ! something wrong with it..intermitent connection perhaps..Sorry all !..Back to loving this unit..

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