My 2010 SXSWi Panel Submission

This year I decided (at practically the last minute) to submit a panel idea for SXSW Interactive 2010 that will be held in March next year. Regular viewers of this site know that I attend and love SXSW and 2010 will mark my fifth year heading down to Texas.

Ballroom A is big

So what’s the panel called?
“Do cool kids leave when the suits arrive?”

What’s the topic? (50 word synopsis, as originally submitted)
What happens when business models get in the way of being social
online? How can the social web evolve and meet the needs of all users
rather then the loudest? Join this important panel discussion on
co-creating fun and valuable experiences with your users from a
design, business and user perspective.

Who else will be on the panel?
I’ll be moderating the panel with a pretty awesome lineup of folks including Chris Heuer, Chris Messina, Eddie Codel and Amanda Rose.

When can I vote for it?
August 10th the voting site will open…I’ll update this post (and probably do another one or three) to point you there when it’s live.
You can vote for it right now until September 4th. Registration takes less than a minute. Thanks!

We’ll be tweaking the submission over the coming weeks to highlight the things the panel will cover as it’s a lot of ground to cover in a 60 minute session. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to moderate this topic and attend once again in 2010!


  1. carolbrowne says:

    Excellent topic. You’ve got my vote, John!

  2. VancityAllie says:

    Sounds like a great panel idea! Let us know again when we can vote :)

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