One reason Kia is a fun car company

I’ve had my Kia Soul for just over a month now and it’s still a fantastic car that I really enjoy driving. Kia’s done a great job at promoting this car, including this very creative video shot on the docks where my actual car would have sat before heading to Canada:

and I just stumbled across this behind the scenes video too:

These kinds of things are what is putting Kia on the map and breaking out of the mold of many other car companies.


  1. Jon Jennings says:

    When I first saw your Soul pics I really didn’t like the look, but it’s kinda growing on me. Definitely more so than the Element or Scion ever did!

    That EUKOR ship, or its identical twin sister, sailed under the Alex Fraser while I was crossing on the bus earlier this week. Looked really weird and I wondered “what the heck does THAT transport”. And now I know :-)

    There’s an enormous car lot at the Eastern end of Annacis Island (, bc&sll=37.509726,-95.712891&sspn=48.18244,66.796875&ie=UTF8&ll=49.186949,-122.923772&spn=0.009831,0.024483&t=h&z=16) I’m guessing they unload there.

    P.S. Scroll down the Fraser an inch from there to see a ship engaging its invisibility shield.

  2. Jon Jennings says:

    So my URL’s broken – Google should really urlencode that when it generates it (I know, blame the tools!).

    This one’s easier:

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