Add a fisheye lens to your P6000 for under $50

While trolling around eBay, I stumbled across this extension tube for about $10 USD delivered from Hong Kong which attaches to the screw mount on my Nikon P6000:

Nikon P6000 52mm Extension Tube

The build quality and finish of the tube is almost a perfect match to the P6000. Nikon sells a similar tube (for around $40 CDN) which has a 43mm thread on the end which is meant to connect to their own $189 CDN wide angle lens attachment. As much as I love my P6000, I just couldn’t imagine paying that much for a few more millimeters of wide angle view (pretty much half of what I paid for the camera). It already has a 24mm wide lens which is pretty decent for a point and shoot camera.

P6000 Fisheye mod

I already had a 0.42x fisheye/wideangle/macro lens that comes with a number of step up rings including a fairly standard 52mm one. I figured if I can get an extension tube for the P6000 that connects to that standard size, my existing fisheye lens (bought for $37 from ebay) could be a nice, cheap alternative to the Nikon solution not to mention giving me the ability to use other filters that I already own on the camera.

Here’s some sample photos taken with the lens attached:

P6000 Fisheye mod
full fisheye effect @ 24mm + 0.42x fisheye lens (approximately 10.08mm)

P6000 Fisheye mod
zoomed in just enough to remove the fisheye vignetting. Note the worker on the left and the Starbucks on the right.

P6000 Fisheye mod
24mm full wide without fisheye/extension tube attached. Note that you can’t see the Starbucks on the bottom right or the worker on the left.

Here’s a little video demonstrating the effect of the lens on the camera:

So take a $10 tube and a $37 fisheye and you end up with a decent little mod for the P6000 for about $47 total.

The extension tube was purchased from this ebay seller and the fisheye lens from this seller.


  1. VancityAllie says:

    Attachment fisheye lenses are actually quite cool, and definitely worth it for the price. I had something quite like that for my D50 back in the day and I LOVED it! Now that I’ve got a real fisheye lens for my D80/90 I can”t say I use it anymore than when I had the attachment… =/

  2. John says:

    Yeah, my ‘real’ fisheye is immensely better but I don’t always want to take my DSLR with me plus I can use the P6000 for wide angle time lapse videos too.

    Basically my cost was $10 for the tube (since I already had the fisheye) which is worth it to experiment with.

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