Light Writer POV app for the iPhone

Light Writer is a persistence of vision application for the iPhone. Essentially it’s a tool for using your iPhone to paint with light…and it’s pretty fun to play with.

You will most likely need a camera to actually be able to see the effect. A slow shutter shot will allow the full message to be displayed and your movements while displaying it can further enhance the effect:

Go Canucks Go

You simply enter your message, choose your color(s) and then move the iPhone infront of the camera – it’s accelerometer will start displaying the message once it detects movement. It can take a lot of tries to get it to work right…I’ve got lots of shots of a blur of light rather than the message because I was moving the iPhone too fast.

Light Writer iPhone App

The rainbow mode is interesting too:
Light Writer iPhone App

Of course, there is a group on Flickr to see more action shots. It’s $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.


  1. Gary says:

    Haha…this app looks awesome. Looks like I need to buy this. Very cool, thanks for the review!!

  2. Crap. Not compatible with my first-gen iPod Touch. Damn.

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