Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home camera & laptop bag

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Crumpler bags. I have one for practically every situation I could need one for. I recently had the chance to ‘trade up’ my 7 Million Dollar Home for a Brazillion Dollar Home (they have the funnest names for their bags):

Brazillion Dollar Home

Basically, someone bought a bag bigger than they needed and I wanted an upgrade so thanks to Craigslist, a deal was made. Both of us had barely used the bags – I only bought mine a couple of months ago and only used it once. I wanted the Brazillion because it’s a great bag to store ALL of your gear at home and for dragging everything to a studio shoot…basically you wouldn’t want to use this for a photowalk (you don’t really need everything when you’re walking around anyways) but it’s great for car trips if you want to take it all with you.

Brazillion Dollar Home

The main difference between the two bags is size…the Brazillion is HUGE. It has a large internal cavity that can be configured using the big pile of inserts any way you need for your gear:

Brazillion $ Home inserts

It also has an internal pocket that can hold up to a 17″ laptop. The lid of the bag can actually be used as a laptop stand – it’s quite rigid and has a strap you can put around the laptop to keep it snug. It also has external zippered pockets to hold all kinds of gear like cables, flash units, memory cards, etc.

Brazillion Dollar Home

The one thing it didn’t come with is a manual! Seriously there are a million ways to configure this bag and at least a few example setup photos would be helpful. I’ve been trolling around online looking to see how other people have set up theirs.

Here’s the Brazillion next to my 5 Million Dollar Home bag which I usually use for small photowalks when I only need a couple of lenses and my DSLR:

Crumpler Brazillion vs $5 Million

To give you a better idea of what this bag is capable of, check out this video (the first half anyways) from PMA a few years ago where Ben Richards from Crumpler demonstrates some of it’s features….and check out that snappy tux Ben’s wearing…classy, just like the bags:

I’ll post a photo or two once I’ve got it setup the way I like…which could take awhile.

UPDATE: Here’s the bag fully loaded after my first attempt at configuring it and all the gear that fit inside (click the bottom photo to see the gear notes on Flickr). There is still tons of room inside as well…so it’s not truly ‘fully’ loaded:

Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home

Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home

Update: Here’s some pix of my configuration –

top layer:
Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home layout

bottom layer:
Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home layout

Click on the photos to see gear notes.


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