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Eye-Fi + Nintendo DSi

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been playing around with my shiny (actually it’s matte black) new Nintendo DSi. One of the new features of the DSi is […]

Twitter client for the Nintendo DS

I recently traded in my Nintendo DS Lite and some old games for a (basically free) Nintendo DSi so I’ve been playing around with it a fair bit lately (especially […]

Light Writer POV app for the iPhone

Light Writer is a persistence of vision application for the iPhone. Essentially it’s a tool for using your iPhone to paint with light…and it’s pretty fun to play with. You […]

Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home camera & laptop bag

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Crumpler bags. I have one for practically every situation I could need one for. I recently had the chance to […]

My Earth Hour photo in print

This year, during Earth Hour, I played around with my camera and some tea lights on the floor. This photo is the result: It was printed in The Herald-Gazette from […]

How I post my iPhone photos to Flickr and Twitter

Thanks to a tip by Ianiv awhile ago, I’ve discovered a great way to post iPhone photos online very quickly and without a lot of effort. Sure you can simply […]

I-5 to Highway 1 [HD Video]

Playing with my Lensbaby Composer and the star disk from the creative aperture kit on my D90 while driving back from Seattle: Sometimes it’s fun when you don’t have to […]

Kodak Zx1 vs Zi6 low light test

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a low light sample with the Kodak Zx1 and thought it might be good to see how it compares to the Zi6 so […]

Made it through March

Last month, I set a new photography goal which was to take/upload at least one photo every day. Made it…barely. A couple days were a little close but I managed […]