BiehlerCam is born

Inspired by something Peter told me about that Moose Peterson mentions in his videos, I wanted to find a way to mount another camera on top of my Nikon D90 with the goal being to capture the process of shooting photos sort of through my eyes. Moose calls it his MooseCam but I couldn’t actually find a photo of his setup so I had to figure it out myself.

Ideally the top camera could be pointed down at the D90’s top LCD screen so you could see some of the settings and/or my hands adjusting the lens, etc. The trouble was finding a reliable way of connecting one camera to another so they could shooting in unison – one shooting video and the other (most likely the DSLR) shooting the stills.


Using the tripod connector from a mini-gorillapod, I realized it could easily fit my Nikon P6000 onto my D90 via the hot shoe. It’s almost a perfect fit! It doesn’t tilt but it’s a solid connection.

BiehlerCam HD closeup

So, while capturing this photo:


I shot this (goofy) video:

BiehlerCam HD
I can see all kinds of applications for this kind of dual camera coverage: timelapse photowalks, model shoots, event photography, party photos, etc.

Of course, there is also the HD version thanks to the Kodak Zx1: BiehlerCam HD.

While this may not work so well when I actually need to use the hotshoe for a flash (or a remote trigger), it should be a fun way to capture a few different things under the right conditions.

Stay tuned for some hopefully more interesting BiehlerCam videos…I’ll even adjust the white balance!

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