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Skype for iPhone released

Not in Canada, eh? Pity. Oh well, it crashes anyways: Update: Looks like the crashing is only a problem on jailbroken iPhones…updating Cydia seems to stop the crashing!

BiehlerCam is born

Inspired by something Peter told me about that Moose Peterson mentions in his videos, I wanted to find a way to mount another camera on top of my Nikon D90 […]

Create amazing photo collages

This is some pretty slick software, called Shape Collage, available for Mac/PC/Linux and it’s FREE! I pointed the application to a few hundred iPhone photos (most of them from SXSW) […]

Kodak Zx1 First Impressions

Last year I was able to check out Kodak’s first foray into the handheld HD camera arena when they lent me a Zi6 for a month. When I sent it […]

More iPhone macro shooting

I finally got around to trying out the macro feature of the lens adaptors I bought awhile ago for my iPhone (which I can also use on my Zi6 which […]

SXSWi 2009 Wrapup Video

SXSWi is over for another year…and it was fanatastic as usual. Here’s my wrapup in video form along with some photos: This video was shot with my Nikon P6000 and […]

A view from the 16th floor [time lapse]

I left my camera back at the hotel while I went to the SXSW Interactive conference today: View from the 16th floor from John Biehler on Vimeo.

Getting to SXSW 2009

Today was a travel day for getting to Austin, Texas for SXSW Interactive. Of course, this meant that I brought a bunch of camera gear with me onto the plane…including […]

Illuminate Yaletown

Last month, after Northern Voice wrapped up, there was a unique event being held in a part of downtown Vancouver called Yaletown that seemed like an ideal photographic subject. Basically […]

Joe McNally Photography Workshop

This past weekend I attended one day of the ImageQuest Professional Photographers Convention in Richmond. I kept waiting for someone to ask me to leave since I don’t consider myself […]