Vancouver to Victoria via floatplane

Earlier this month I went to Victoria for a conference and am just now getting around to posting some video from the trip. The floatplane flight from harbour to harbour was on a rainy and cold Sunday afternoon but I think the video turned out pretty decent despite the weather.

Shot with my Kodak Zi6 HD camera and edited using iMovie ’09 which seems to have it’s quirks but I’m giving it a shot for awhile before I go back to Final Cut. iMovie is definitely faster to pull stuff together like this but you have much more control in Final Cut. I also thought I’d try out YouTube’s HD format. I didn’t have enough upload space on my Vimeo account for the full HD version, plus it would have taken a week to process. I’m really close to dropping the $60 for a Vimeo pro account. If you like rewatching movies, check out the 720×480 version over there.

Flying to Victoria

Stay tuned for part two – the trip home which was fortunately on a much nicer day.


  1. Dirk says:

    Like the song(& vid)…who’s is that

  2. This video really made me want to get back up flying again. One of these days…

    I really like the addition of the music to the video.

  3. Lloyd Budd says:

    You came to Vic, and didn’t give me ring! ;-)

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