NYC in slow motion

This is so cool:

New York 2008 from Vicente Sahuc on Vimeo.

It was shot with a Casio Exilim EX-F1 camera at 300 frames per second then edited to 24 frames per second. Kind of the opposite of what I’ve been doing with my time lapse videos and it yields stunning results.

I really don’t need another camera….

UPDATE: Just stumbled across this post about highjacking the liveview feed over USB which comes ‘down the wire’ at 100fps…at least on the D700. So it *may* be possible with my D90 or other Nikon gear.


  1. Ianiv says:

    I know, give me your D90 and I’ll buy you this one :P

  2. That music really adds to the video for sure. You should *really* consider adding in some background music to some of your videos.

  3. John says:

    Kevin: I usually want to add music to my videos but either I don’t have time for the post production, or because I’m currently lacking a desktop computer (waiting for the next version of the iMac to come out), I have limited access to my music library.

    I’ve gone back and added some music to a few shorter videos like the Driving to Whistler timelapse:

    I also want to start using my Kaossilator to compose my own music for the videos but it all takes time ;)

  4. Tyler says:

    So 300fps down to 24fps? Pretty cool if you keep posting things like this I might have look at adding video to my list of hobbies!

    Though I think I should stick to photography and learn to master that first before diving into the world of Video!

  5. Read the D700 post again, out of the 100 frames you can pull from a D700 every second, only ~30 approx are different. The other frames are copies of frames you’ve already seen, they won’t make a slow-motion video, they’ll just make a slide show.

  6. I didn’t expect the Casio’s frame quality to be so good. Very nice.

    It helps that Sahuc made such great compositions for his shots too.

  7. VancityAllie says:

    What the… holy crap that looks amazing. And with that camera!

    How does it look so stable?

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