12hrs@24fps [still more time lapse]

See what happens when you leave your camera on while you’re at work?

Shot out my bedroom window over twelve hours. 842 stills. Yeah, I’m really enjoying my P6000 camera.

Only downside is that when doing longer (multi-hour) time lapse shots, it creates separate folders for each time you use the interval setting (this is a good thing) but it maxes out at 200 frames before it starts another folder. So I had to assemble five separate videos to make the above video.

Update: went back and added some music (The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly) and titles to the original video.


  1. Peter says:

    Very nice! Damn you, you’re swaying me…..;)

  2. This is pretty damn cool. Based on the numbers you gave, you took a picture about once a minute (slightly more perhaps) right? I’m curious – did you pick that window because of the direction it faced? Did you want to catch the sun setting directly into the camera?

    If I wanted to do something like this – well it wouldn’t be easy with my current camera. Would be a fun thing to try though.

  3. Tyler says:

    Wow 842 stills and you still had to merge the videos together? Crazy but the end result is pretty cool.

    At the end is that Venus or Mars?

  4. John says:

    Peter: it’s just a matter of time…;)

    Kevin: I’m in a townhouse so I have a choice of east or west facing windows only. The west side had more interesting activity than the other…but I still might do a timelapse out it for the sunrise.

    Tyler: yeah, the way I was creating movie sequences out of the images requires them to all be in the same folder. New folders (after 200 frames) means duplicate filenames. The whole process only took about 10 minutes to pull altogether so it’s no big deal. Perhaps soon I’ll even put some music behind these ;)

    Keira-Anne: thanks!

  5. Loving all the stop-action stuff! :) Nice camera…

    Hey, if you have time, you should come by my blog and play the MEET n’ GREET this weekend — It’d be great to have you in the mix!

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