The Drive Home [time lapse]

As a follow up to yesterday’s post (which I updated with a better version), here’s a time lapse video of the drive home, recorded a little differently than the drive to work:

Drive Home from John Biehler on Vimeo.

Unlike the drive to work, this video was recorded with the still photo time lapse mode on the P6000. This means more photographic stills (rather than lower quality video stills). I then took all the stills and created a quicktime movie with each still representing one second of video. I then sped it up a little to make it more video like in Final Cut Express. You may want to play it again as Vimeo seems to play it very fast the first time you play it for some reason.

Still have some workflow issues in the conversion process but the idea comes across better in this version. I’ll just have to keep playing around.

One Comment

  1. You know, the P6000 is looking more appealing. The built-in geotagging, the time-lapse, the lens stabilizer, the rugged build, the proper optical viewfinder, and its compatibility with the Nikon flash and wireless remote I already have put it ahead of the Canon G10 and Panasonic LX-3, despite the slow maximum aperture on the lens. If it had f/2.0 optics like the LX-3, that would rock. That, and if the Ethernet port behaved normally instead of only working with Nikon PictureTown. That is just weird.

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