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Add a fisheye lens to your iPhone

This just arrived in the mail from Hong Kong (via You can either just hold it up to your cameraphone’s camera or use the included metal rings (with tape) […]

iMovie 09 video stabilization comparison

Just started playing with video in iMovie ’09 at lunch today and thought it might fun to see how it deals with hand held video. Here’s the stabilized version of […]

NYC in slow motion

This is so cool: New York 2008 from Vicente Sahuc on Vimeo. It was shot with a Casio Exilim EX-F1 camera at 300 frames per second then edited to 24 […]

Random stuff from WordCamp Whistler 2009

Finally back home from Whistler after a great weekend up there for WordCamp Whistler where I met a ton of new people and was able to spend time with many […]

My WordCamp Whistler 2009 Session Notes

During my talk at WordCamp Whistler, I mentioned a number of plugins you can use on your WordPress site. I created a demo site to show how these things work…don’t […]

12hrs@24fps [still more time lapse]

See what happens when you leave your camera on while you’re at work? Shot out my bedroom window over twelve hours. 842 stills. Yeah, I’m really enjoying my P6000 camera. […]

Moving pictures [more time lapse]

This weekend, my pal Duane packed all his belongings into a UHaul and trucked them all to Chilliwack. I brought my P6000 along to capture everyone help him lug stuff […]

The Drive Home [time lapse]

As a follow up to yesterday’s post (which I updated with a better version), here’s a time lapse video of the drive home, recorded a little differently than the drive […]

Fastest commute ever [time lapse]

Shot with my Nikon P6000 in the 30s interval time lapse movie mode. P6000 attached to my Manfrotto tripod in the front passenger seat. The tripod legs are basically double […]

Getting ready for SXSWi 2009

Once again, it’s time to start planning for SXSWi which is coming up pretty fast in just under two months. It’s the annual ‘geek summer camp’ held in Austin, Texas […]