Nikon + Crumpler “This” Backpack mini review

Nikon/Crumpler "This" Backpack
Ebay can be a wonderful place. I recently received this backpack from a seller in France. Crumpler and Nikon got together a few years ago and made a branded backpack.

Unfortunately it was only available in Europe. So after a lot of trolling and tracking down, I found one.

Like all Crumplers, it is incredibly well padded and comfortable to wear on your back. It has a unique split zipper design that cuts the bag in half if you unzip it all the way. It has one huge main compartment with one external deep side pocket (great for keys and stuff that you need to access quickly) and one internal mesh pocket perfect for memory cards, batteries, filters and other small gear.

One nice feature is that while it is a Nikon branded bag, the Nikon logo is actually hidden since it’s on the side of the backpack that rests against your back so like other Crumpler bags, it doesn’t scream camera gear inside.

Nikon/Crumpler "This" Backpack

It has a removable camera ‘bucket’ that velcros into the bottom of the backpack which is also branded with the Nikon logo:
Nikon/Crumpler "This" Backpack
It easily carries my D90, 50mm lens, Lensbaby Composer, 10.5mm Fisheye lens, SB-400 flash, Zi6 videocamera and GPS unit with lots of room above inside for some other stuff like a light jacket, lunch, etc. It’s the perfect backpack for a photowalk.

Nikon/Crumpler "This" Backpack

I had initially came across this video on Youtube which sold me on the backpack and shows how it all ‘works’ together:

The only downside with this bag is that because it’s made by a different company than the Crumpler that is available in North America, it’s got a few minor differences. The main one worth mentioning is that all the bags I have from North American Crumpler have nice, solid metal zipper pulls with the logo embossed on them. This backpack (and another bag I have from Europe) has plastic zipper pulls. The North American ones just seem beefier. A minor issue to be sure but a difference nonetheless.

I love this backpack.


  1. VancityAllie says:

    Hi John, that bag looks great! I’ve always been intrigued by the Crumpler lineup. I recently bought myself a Burton backpack for snowboarding, but it is rather large when I only want to bring a smaller amount of equipment.

    How do you find it in terms of being able to very quickly pull out a camera and put it back in quickly?

  2. John says:

    It’s pretty fast to pull out the camera.

    The zipper is on the outside when fully zipped (I’d rather it was on the inside for security purposes) but it makes it quick to open up the bag and grab whatever I need. Getting things back in isn’t so easy unless you put the bag down or don’t care if it’s all loose inside ;)

  3. Oscar says:

    Hey John,

    I can’t seem to find any results for this bag when searching on ebay. anyway, in case i do run into one in the future, do you think that little pocket can fit a d300 with a grip?

    • John says:

      Oscar: It should fit…the inside pocket has a number of velcro walls that can be configured anyway you want. I stand my D90 w/grip up and it fits easily.

  4. Oscar says:

    thanks for the reply. do you also have a lens on your d90? and by standing up you mean the bottom faces the ground in the pouch? could you by any chance post a picture of how big it is when you are wearing it please?

    thank you

  5. Hey john the bag looks really cool!!still i was searching for some more bags on other online stores but do not have that much good one..

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