Sixth Photo Meme

Derek tagged me in this internet meme so here’s my sixth photo on the sixth page of my Flickrstream which happens to be a photo of a gift certificate I got for the Crumpler Store for my birthday:

Coolest Birthday Gift Card

Feel free to tag yourself and post your sixth photo on the sixth page of your Flickr account in the comments as cross tagging is already going on, so I’m not going to try to tag anyone else.


  1. Peter says:

    Nice idea – I will post as soon as I am out of Yahoo Jail, if/when I ever get that resolved.

  2. John says:

    Peter: You can still access your flickr page…as a regular user.

    In your case, this is your 6th photo on your 6th page:

  3. Rebecca says:

    Cool idea – and a meme with no lists (I like!)

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