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What did Santa bring you?

Now that the Christmas dust has settled, the turkey has been eaten and, at least in Canada, the Boxing Day/Week sales are winding down, what did you get? Any cool […]

Nikon + Crumpler “This” Backpack mini review

Ebay can be a wonderful place. I recently received this backpack from a seller in France. Crumpler and Nikon got together a few years ago and made a branded backpack. […]

Faking Tilt/Shift images on the iPhone

A new iPhone app [iTunes link] just popped up on my radar that is pretty cool. It lets you pretend your iPhone camera has a tilt/shift lens. Kinda. While heading […]

Lensbaby Composer has arrived

After a month long wait, my Lensbaby Composer has finally arrived: Mounted on my D90: With the wide angle lens attached: I’ve only had it for a couple of days […]

Use the iPhone Passcode Lock

Yeah, it may be a pain to have to enter your passcode every time you want to use your iPhone, but you know what’s worse than that? Having your iPhone […]

Sixth Photo Meme

Derek tagged me in this internet meme so here’s my sixth photo on the sixth page of my Flickrstream which happens to be a photo of a gift certificate I […]


This is pretty awesome…watch as the Simpsons make fun of one of my favorite companies, Apple: [flash medium=3] via Cam on Twitter